Russia Warns It’s Going To Block Reddit

All because of a thread about growing narcotic plants

Aug 10, 2015 at 2:39 PM ET

The Russian government agency that controls the media says it’s going to block access to Reddit if the site’s administrators don’t respond to a request to remove a thread on how to grow narcotic plants.

Roskomnadzor wrote Monday on its official page on VKontakte, Russia’s most popular social media network, that it sent a request to Reddit’s administrators to take down the material relating to the narcotics. It was acting according to a request the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia, it wrote. The thread it was referring to wasn’t specified, and Reddit reportedly hadn’t yet responded to its requests. The note said that due to Reddit’s lack of response, Roskomnadzor was “preparing” to place the site on its registry of banned sites, which it threatened would automatically make Reddit inaccessible on some servers because of “technical features.”

“If anyone has contacts with the Reddit administration, ask them to check their email for letters from Roskomnadzor, otherwise, due to technological features, many operators may block the whole site,” the VKontakte post said.

Roskomnadzor keeps a federal blacklist of sites that Russian authorities have said contain child pornography, extremist content or content subject to a gag order, or that advocate drug use and production or suicide. The websites that have been banned throughout the country are an eclectic mix: they include the official Jehovah’s Witnesses site, a December 2014 Facebook event page for a protest against the prosecution of Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny, and the Internet Wayback Machine, a database that allows you to see archives of the way websites looked in the past.

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