Russia Wants You To Stop Taking These Types of Selfies

The Russian Interior Ministry launched a "Safe Selfie" campaign. Uh, America should probably do the same thing, actually

Jul 07, 2015 at 1:15 PM ET

A dangerous new western threat is sweeping Russia, threatening to kill off an entire generation. It’s called the selfie.

Russia’s Interior Ministry is so worried about the danger posed to smartphone users from taking selfies, they have kicked off a nationwide selfie safety campaign, complete with brochures and presentations on the many ways you could end up dead because of the selfie.

Although the Russian warnings may seem over-cautious and even far-fetched, every single one of them has a real-life example where someone died, or came close, while attempting to capture a selfie. Here’s Russia’s list of how not to take a selfie, in gif form:

Don’t Take A Selfie With A Gun

(Someone died doing this in Mexico)

Don’t Take A Selfie While Climbing Stairs (Or Anything Else)

(A Polish couple fell of a cliff and died in Portugal taking a selfie)

Don’t Take A Selfie If You’re Near A Train

(Three students in India died attempting a trackside selfie)

Don’t Take Selfies While Driving

(This woman died in a head-on, post-selfie collision)

Don’t Take Selfies On Top Of Buildings

(This student died the day before graduation doing that)

Don’t Take Selfies In Front Of Wild Animals

(A student was gored by a Bison doing that in Yellowstone)

Don’t Take Selfies While Controlling A Boat

(India again, ten students drown in a selfie accident)

In closing, don’t take selfies.

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