ISIS Claims Responsibility For Deadly Egypt Attacks

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for a string of deadly attacks Wednesday in Egypt

Soldiers secure funeral of Egypt's public prosecutor Hisham Barakat — REUTERS
Jul 01, 2015 at 5:30 AM ET

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for a string of lethal attacks in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Wednesday, after its militants launched multiple assaults on 15 Egyptian military checkpoints.

ISIS supporters also declared across social forums that the extremists had seized at least two tanks and one howitzer cannon during the violence. They also brazenly celebrated the attacks and other deadly strikes that have taken place in recent weeks during the ongoing Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Wednesday’s attacks included two suicide bombings in the town of Sheikh Zuweid and one in the northern Sinai city of al-Arish. At least 50 soldiers were killed in the violence that tore through the peninsula, a sprawling swathe of land bordering Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Militant violence targeting Egyptian police and military personnel and outposts increased in the Arab world’s most populous state alongside unrest that followed the nation’s 2011 uprising.

Two years ago, the attacks spread in geographical reach and increased in frequency after the ouster of then-president Mohamed Morsi, an Islamist leader. Friday will mark the second anniversary of Morsi’s ouster.

On Monday, Egypt’s top prosecutor, Hisham Barakat, was killed in a bomb blast in Egypt’s capital Cairo.

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