Nearly Half Of Chris Christie’s Twitter Followers Are Fake

The New Jersey governor has a higher percentage of fake Twitter followers than any other presidential candidate in the 2016 race

Jun 30, 2015 at 4:36 PM ET

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has a higher rate of fake Twitter followers than any other presidential candidate currently in the race, according to an analysis by Vocativ.

Only 51 percent of the 535,000 followers of his @govchristie Twitter account are actually human beings, while 49 percent are probably not. Similar audits of other candidates show that they also have fake followers, but none have a higher percentage of fake fans in Twitter-land than the Garden State governor.

Previous audits show that Hillary Clinton takes the silver medal for her percentage of fake Twitter followers with 35 percent of her 3.78 million followers not being actual people.

Christie announced on Tuesday that he is entering the 2016 presidential race. His office did not immediately respond to Vocativ’s request for comment.

Social media analysis tool TwitterAudit judges a Twitter account’s authenticity based on its number of tweets, the date of its last tweet and the ratio of its followers to friends. The fake Twitter accounts can be bots run by automated software programming or they can also be accounts created by real people with a political agenda. But under both scenarios, they are not a genuine measure of candidate popularity.

Scroll down to see how Christie compares to his presidential rivals:

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