Tourists In Tunisia Shared Photos Of Idyllic Resort Before Terror Attack

One of the tourists said he heard what sounded like fireworks while he was sitting on the beach

Jun 26, 2015 at 10:54 AM ET

Photos posted to Instagram over the last 24 hours show scenes of an idyllic beach resort in Tunisia just hours before gunman stormed the hotel and murdered at least 27 people.

Vacationers at the beachfront resort of Sousse on the Mediterranean coast posted photos of beautiful beaches, blue water and palm trees with captions like “let the fun begin” and “good morning Tunisia” in the minutes and hours before two gunmen reportedly entered the lobby and started firing at the tourists inside. Gary Pine, a tourist at the resort, told Sky News that people on the beach heard what they believed to be fireworks going off. Once they realized it was gunfire, he said “there was a mass exodus off the beach.”

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