ISIS Says It’s Behind Rare Suicide Bombing In Kuwait

The group targeted members of the country's Shiite minority, as it has recently in Saudi Arabia.

Jun 26, 2015 at 11:48 AM ET

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the explosion that ripped through a crowded mosque in Kuwait’s capital Friday, which killed at least 16 and wounded dozens in the latest attack on Shiite Muslims in the Gulf.

The group tweeted that a suicide bomber had targeted a “temple of the polytheists.”

The blast hit Imam Sadiq Mosque after Friday prayers, in an attack that mirrored recent bombings in Saudi Arabia. Najd Province, an ISIS unit that claimed responsibility for two attacks on Shiite mosques in Saudi Arabia last month, said it was also behind Friday’s attack.

The bomber was identified in an ISIS statement as Abu Suleiman al-Muwahid.

ISIS supporters warned that the rare attack in Kuwait—a country that has maintained stability amid multiplying crises in the region—would be followed by more bloodshed targeting the country’s Shiite minority, which are viewed as heretics by the radical group.

“Shiites of Kuwait, the borders and armies will not protect you. Remember this is just the beginning, you’ve only drunk a little from this poisoned cup,” one wrote.

Yacoub al-Sanna, a Kuwaiti government minister, insisted the attack changed nothing, and that Kuwait “remain the oasis of security and safety to all components of the Kuwaiti society and sects.”

Friday’s bombing came within hours of two other deadly attacks—one targeting tourists in a resort town in Tunisia, and the other at an industrial chemical plant in France. While ISIS has not claimed responsibility for the other attacks, its supporters praised the bloodshed on Twitter.

The attack also comes days after ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani called on Muslims and “mujahedeen everywhere,” to make the holy month of Ramadan “a month of disasters for the infidels.”

The ISIS statement on the Kuwait bombing.

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