Sousse, Tunisian City Hit By Terror, Is A Hotbed Of ISIS Recruiting

Sousse, Tunisia, the beach town in which 27 people were killed, has been a major source of fighters for ISIS, Vocativ analysts have found

Jun 26, 2015 at 10:15 AM ET

27 people were killed in a terror attack Thursday in Sousse, Tunisia, a beach town that attracts a million tourists a year—and that Vocativ analysts have previously found to be a major recruiting center for ISIS.

Tunisia has supplied more of ISIS’ foreign fighters than any other country, and Sousse has been a major source for those fighters. Vocativ analysts tracked one of them, who went by the name Mes Tiri, using Facebook to trace his path from Sousse to Syria and then to Iraq in 2013.

In another investigation into jihadi recruiting in Sousse, Vocativ’s Lindsey Snell went there to interview the family of Mohamed Amrouni, a 17-year-old who left Sousse to join ISIS in Syria.