Meet the People Battling California’s Biggest Blaze

San Bernardino National Forest. — REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson
Jun 22, 2015 at 5:36 AM ET

A California wildfire that spanned more than 17,000 acres by Sunday has drawn almost 2,000 firefighting personnel to its frontlines.

Sweeping across the San Bernardino National Forest in the southern part of the state, the fire is the largest to hit California forestland this year, the Los Angeles Times reported. Evacuations were underway on Sunday.

Vocativ used geo-location technology to find real-time photos from the ground that feature the men and women who spent Father’s Day weekend keeping Californians safe from the flames. Firefighters are also battling at least six other fires across California, but the biggest fire is in San Bernardino, ABC7 News reported.

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