The Five States Looking To Buy More Confederate Flags Than American

People in these states searched in Google Shopping for "Confederate flag" more than for "American flag"

Jun 21, 2015 at 5:35 PM ET

People in some states seem by one measure to be more interested in buying Confederate flags than American flags—even after the apparently racially motivated shooting in a Charleston, South Carolina church in which nine people were killed.

In Texas, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia, there have been more searches made in Google Shopping for “Confederate flag” than for “American flag” since 2008, according to this map by

A Google Trends plotting of Google Shopping searches since 2008 shows that June 2015 has seen five “Confederate flag” searches already. Until now, there hadn’t been a month with more than three searches through Google Shopping for “Confederate flag,” meaning this month has already seen an increase in interest in the flag. Google Trends also shows that people shopping for Confederate flag memorabilia were often looking for it in the form of a bikini or belt.

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