Hashtag Tells Civil Rights Activist To Leave Charleston

People participate in "Black Lives Matter" march in Charleston. — REUTERS
Jun 21, 2015 at 12:24 PM ET

Civil rights activist DeRay McKesson woke up to a hashtag in Charleston Sunday calling on him to leave the South Carolina city. Posting “#GoHomeDeray,” Twitter users declared that McKesson wasn’t welcome there following the death of nine people in a Bible study shooting Wednesday evening.

McKesson, who helped organize protests in Ferguson and Baltimore, recently moved to St. Louis and went to Charleston after last week’s deadly attack. It appears that the hashtag first targeted him earlier this month when he went to McKinney, Texas after police violently broke up a pool party. The hashtag later took off in Charleston after the New York-based @ThePatriot143 used it on Friday.

Others on Twitter have used the hashtag to accuse McKesson of causing violence in Ferguson and Baltimore. But given McKesson’s robust Twitter following of almost 160,000, the hashtag ignited a swift response with some accusing those who used #GoHomeDeray of being racist, insensitive and fearful of black activism.

On Sunday, the hashtag was among the top trending in the country.

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