Twitter Underwhelmed by Charleston Police Response To Shooting

A small prayer circle forms near the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. — REUTERS
Jun 18, 2015 at 11:20 AM ET

A slew of Twitter users accused Charleston authorities of a comparatively understated police response in the wake of the Bible study shooting that killed nine people at a historic church in the city.

On Thursday the suspect, Dylann Roof, remained on the run. “So even though the suspect is still at large…there isn’t a lockdown on the city????” a Twitter post said.  

Some claim you can compare how authorities reacted to both last year’s Ferguson riots and the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing to see that police in Charleston aren’t doing enough to protect residents of the South Carolina city. After the Boston bombing, police asked people to stay indoors during a manhunt for the suspects. In Ferguson, police responded to protests with SWAT teams, rubber bullets, tear gas and mine-resistant vehicles.

Unlike the shooting in Charleston, however, which occurred inside a church, both the Ferguson riots and the Boston Marathon bombing played out on city streets and involved masses of people.

Still, some were convinced that racial bias factored into Charleston’s limited police response, noting that the victims of Wednesday’s deadly shooting were black and the suspect is white. Some also speculated that the titanic manhunt in Boston two years ago was driven by the bombers’ Muslim identities.



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