Donald Trump Speech: Short, Simple, For 7th-Graders

A Vocativ analysis found the Donald Trump speech was the simplest of the presidential candidates' announcements this week

Jun 16, 2015 at 2:26 PM ET

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign speech on Tuesday was delivered for a seventh-grader—making his declaration not only the shortest but also the simplest of all the candidates who delivered an address this week, a Vocativ analysis reveals.

Trump’s speech ranked a lowly 7.2 on the Flesch-Kincaid readability test—the most widely recognized reading comprehension algorithm. The numbered score corresponds to grade levels in elementary, middle and high school. By comparison, Hillary Clinton scored 8.4 and Jeb Bush came in at 8.1.

At 1,187 words, Trump’s speech at the Trump Tower in New York was almost four times shorter than Hillary’s at New York’s Roosevelt Island on Saturday, and about half as long as Jeb’s, delivered in Miami on Monday.

It was also less articulate, with a unique word count of just 477, versus Jeb’s 859 and Hillary’s 1,327. Trump’s 7.2 score, however, surpassed George W Bush’s 5.9 announcement speech in 1999. The real estate mogul, who plans to “make America great again” also claimed he is worth $8,737,540,000 in his financial statement, despite Forbes pegging his wealth at less than half that, at $4.1 billion.

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