Young Boys Rush to Join ISIS Despite White House Claims of Killing 10,000 Extremists

The child fighters are among many jihadists joining the ranks of the Islamic State

Jun 10, 2015 at 2:38 PM ET

More and more fighters, including young boys, are rushing to join ISIS even after the White House’s claim that 10,000 extremists have been killed since the international coalition began its bombing campaign on parts of Syria and Iraq nine months ago.

The Islamic State has powerful propaganda tools to entice new members that it releases regularly, the latest includes the video below of young boys training to be ISIS fighters.

The boys, who look to be no older than 13 or 14 years old, are shown shooting targets including cars and people in mock ambush exercises. Some are beaten with sticks to show their endurance. Others issue battle cries with pre-pubescent breaking voices.

The video is a formidable reminder to the White House and its coalition allies that more than air strikes are needed to destroy ISIS. A political solution that addresses grievances of people ISIS is controlling has to be part of the strategy, said Robert Ford, previously U.S. ambassador to Syria, now with the Middle East Institute.

“Otherwise the Air Force can kill every day, but (ISIS) can recruit more to fill their ranks,” he told Vocativ.

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