Gruesome Video Purportedly Shows Shiite Militias Burning ISIS Fighter

Video of militia burning ISIS goes viral in Iraq as many blame America for deteriorating situation

May 31, 2015 at 7:15 AM ET

A horrific video purportedly shows an Iranian-backed Shiite militia burning an ISIS fighter alive. Thousands of Iraqis are now sharing the footage across social media—with many blaming the U.S. for the deteriorating situation on the ground.

In the video — distributed with an Arabic hashtag that translates to “burning a young Sunni” — the unidentified man is hanging over a fire as soldiers from an Iraqi Shiite militia taunt him and celebrate. The fighters use a common anti-ISIS catchphrase “illa tahin,” which translates to “into flour,” meaning they will pulverize ISIS. The phrase was popularized in the region by Abu Azrail, the so-called Iraqi “Angel of Death” who has become a muscular folk hero to Iraqis and may be the creation of Iranian propaganda. Vocativ could not verify the content of the video.

More than 128,000 tweets mentioned the video. Comparing the scene to gruesome ISIS propaganda materials, thousands of Iraqis are criticizing the White House for not doing more to fight the jihadists and allowing the Shiite militias to become more powerful.

“All the world condemned ISIS for burning the Jordanian pilot. What’s there position about the Shiites in Iraq?”, asked one user. Others expressed nostalgia for the days of Saddam Hussein, who suppressed the Shiites and “was the only one to stand in front Iran”.


America left Iran after destroying it and giving it to Iran, to complete the distruction. The Sunnis will are steadfast and will not give up to Iran or America. #Burning_a_young_Sunni