New “Abused Emojis” Designed To Help Kids Express Child Abuse

A Swedish NGO developed "Abused Emojis" to let children express complex feelings through text messaging

May 22, 2015 at 1:38 PM ET

It goes without saying that mobile communication is rapidly changing the nature of language, but BRIS, a children’s rights NGO based in Sweden, is pushing the boundaries even further.

This week, the organization introduced an downloadable application that allows kids to gain access to a unique set of “Abused Emojis.” The idea is to provide children in difficult domestic situations with a shorthand way to express, through text messaging, what’s happening to them at home. For example, an emoji of a boy with a black eye essentially says, “I’ve been hit by one of my parents,” and another one, of a girl and her dad and a glass of wine, is intended to mean, “My father is drinking and I’m sad.”

Check out this video to learn more: 

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