New Yorkers Are Cheap Tippers During Bad Weather

Jan 26, 2015 at 12:43 PM ET

If you think New Yorkers get super generous with their food delivery guys, think again. Data Vocativ obtained from GrubHub and Seamless shows New Yorkers tipped their delivery guys on average just 5 percent more during last year’s crazy-cold polar vortex, which sent temperatures way below zero for several days. That’s much less than the tip increase seen in other cities.

Midwestern residents—who likely understand the true misery of being outdoors in the freezing cold—tip their delivery guys much better when the mercury plummets. Services like Instacart and FreshDirect have already halted food deliveries in New York for Tuesday, with 2 feet of snow forecast. If you manage to place an order, make sure you tip your delivery guy accordingly.