Phil Simms Gets Fired, Chris Simms Threatens To Beat You Up

A tale as old as time

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Apr 07, 2017 at 1:01 PM ET

Former Super Bowl MVP and current broadcaster Phil Simms had no idea that he was about to lose his job to Tony Romo, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys. Romo, who has no broadcasting experience, will replace Simms on CBS as an NFL analyst, working weekly games alongside Jim Nantz. The decision was confirmed by CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus earlier this week. Simms’s son, Chris, has an opinion and a podcast, so he let it loose on Thursday’s episode of “Simms & Lefkoe.”

Simms The Younger was an unremarkable NFL quarterback, as evidenced by his brief stints with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans, and Denver Broncos. Yesterday, however, he was a very good son, passionately coming to his father’s defense via his Bleacher Report-hosted podcast. In particular, he excoriated CBS for how they disseminated their decision to demote Phil from his high-profile role:

“You can’t sit there as a normal person who’s evaluated this and seen it happen before and go, ‘Oh, they handled it like professionals.’ I mean, it’s been out there rumored for two weeks. I had to tell my dad first before CBS or anybody…My dad was in Barbados. And I had to forward [an NFL insider’s] text message to him to let him know [he was fired].”

As mad as Simms was about the improper way CBS fired his dad, he was enraged by their justification. He fumed about social media discourse’s role in determining if his dad was good at his job:

“Listen, the things I’ve heard too, in the media, ‘CBS wasn’t happy about the social recognition.’ Like, first of all, is anything positive on Twitter? Anything? I haven’t seen a fucking positive thing on Twitter, ever! I mean, Twitter is literally for a bunch of fakes. They sit there mad at the world, they smile when they’re face to face and they go home and they must be like ‘fuckin hate everybody you suck motherfucker’”

Simms shared his stirring impersonation of being mad online (which you can peep at the 4:00 mark and I assure you, needs to be heard to be believed) to argue a larger point about famous sports broadcasters, such as Joe Buck and Cris Collinsworth, getting regularly berated. While we’re not privy to CBS’s proprietary social media metrics on what makes a sports anchor sufficiently cool, it’s entirely plausible that other talking heads get regularly lambasted about as much as Simms without losing their jobs. Shoot, when FS1 Undisputed host Skip Bayless isn’t complimenting himself with a collection of fake Facebook accounts, he’s getting dragged as much as anyone.

More likely, McManus and CBS were starstruck, happy that a superstar Cowboys quarterback might grace them with his presence on their humble football program. McManus essentially said as much in his statement, celebrating Tony’s status as “one of the NFL’s biggest stars for the past decade,” one he was “thrilled to welcome” to CBS Sports. McManus’s belief that Romo can indeed translate his playing career into the distinct skill of analyzing football (and, for whatever reason, golf?) is an exercise of faith.

We’ve yet to hear from Simms if he’ll accept a demotion or just stick to his Showtime role on “Inside The NFL.” But if yesterday’s podcast was any indication, his son is confident that his dad is the bestest and could definitely beat up yours or mine.