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Curt Schilling Gets Twitter Trolled By Fake Sidney Ponson

It's almost like a person prone to far-right conspiracy theories is easily had

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TFW you've been owned online — Getty Images for SiriusXM
Jan 19, 2017 at 11:50 AM ET

Sidney Ponson was a beefy, journeyman Major League pitcher who had one boffo season in 2003 and is an actual “Knight in the Order of the Dutch Royal House,” via his native Aruba, so he’s got that going for him. Curt Schilling was also a Major League pitcher, albeit a Hall of Fame caliber one, and now spends his day on Twitter sharing far-right conspiracy theories and bigoted memes, as one does.

Add to this seemingly random mix a devoted fan who jumped on the Twitter handle @SidneyPonson. That individual felt compelled to say howdy to Curt Schilling on the day Curt learned that he had not been voted into the Hall of Fame and, well, things escalated pretty fast.

Schilling’s total percentage of the vote dropped to 45 percent, down from 52.3 percent in 2016, with more than one baseball scribe swearing they’d never put a check mark next to his name again, citing his social media proclivities and hard-right political turn as the reason for doing so. For what its worth, the “character clause” makes for a fairly moveable feast. The batshit crazy conspiracy theories espoused by Steve Carlton would make Alex Jones raise an eyebrow, let alone Schilling. There’s a more than reasonable case to be made that Schilling deserves a place in the Hall is what we’re saying.

On Wednesday. Schilling offered some nice, congratulatory words to those that were elected and claimed that he’s got some swell trophies so he doesn’t need a silly old invite to Cooperstown, but that didn’t stop him from clapping back at Ponson.

While @SidneyPonson boasted about 40 followers prior to his or her encounter with Schilling, with a Twitter bio that says the person behind the screen is a “Former major leaguer, keeping it real,” in lieu of pinning down their location, he or she writes, “Not really sid.” [sic] He or she also enjoys tweeting things like this.

More than one Twitterer tried to gently explain to him that this probably wasn’t the Sidney Ponson he faced in the bigs. Schilling, however, would not be swayed. He’s got a take, and he’s sticking to it.

Then again, Curt does have a point here.

We’ve reached out to “Sidney Ponson” to see if we can verify Schilling’s claims. Ponson’s mentions are clogged right now, but should we hear back, we will update this post accordingly. In the interim, please enjoy Schilling refuse to back down from his assuredly wrong take.