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A Blog About Skip Bayless Getting Publicly Embarrassed

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Michael Loccisano
Dec 19, 2016 at 12:18 PM ET

Skip Bayless, professional loud opinion-haver, ditched ESPN in June in to bring his loud opinion-ing to Fox Sports 1 for the absolutely reasonable cost of $5.5 million dollars per year. Though “Undisputed” has stripped more than a few viewers from his former employers, the show is still struggling to draw significant ratings.

So just prior to Sunday night’s Dallas Cowboys-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, Bayless hopped on Facebook Live to offer up a few pithy observations and gin up the non-controversial decision by Jerry Jones to drag Tony Romo along with him to watch his grandson play a high school football game. (If you don’t want to watch a wobbly video of a makeup-free, groggy Bayless slumped on his couch and staring down at his cell phone, he thinks it was a very bad thing.)

One dude that really dug Bayless’ hustle was… Skip Bayless?

The comment has since been deleted, but yes, this actually happened.

Naturally, a few Twitter sleuths thought it was a devious and subtle bit of trolling, pointing to the 1.4k likes in the above screenshot. For those that haven’t been tracking the long history of Bayless’ fire takes, he once claimed that he was a shoot-first point guard in high school and compared himself to Pete Maravich, even though he only averaged 1.4 points per game as a senior.

And of course, the individual that spotted this clumsy self-promotion is being bombarded with questions.

The comment was quickly removed, and while it’d be fun to imagine Bayless was so impressed with his brilliant insights that he had an out-of-body experience and gave himself an online high five during a live broadcast, that’s probably not what went down. In all likelihood, someone at Fox Sports or Undisputed with admin privileges at Bayless’ verified Facebook page was told to hype the event using a dummy account or twelve to create the impression of genuine, organic interest in Skip’s maundering and forgot to log out.

Let’s take a moment to feel a bit of empathy, then, for the individual whose sad job it is to blurt out seven exclamation points’ worth of love for Skip Bayless. Sir or Madam, you are doing the Lord’s work.