Donald Trump Got Duped By A WWE Storyline, Per Triple H

A notorious WWE angle supposedly left the president-elect unclear on the scripted nature of pro wrestling

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Dec 13, 2016 at 11:19 AM ET

Way back in 2007, when the idea that a member of the WWE Hall of Fame might ascend to the presidency read like Kurt Vonnegut’s final never-published novel, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had a brilliant storyline idea that President-elect Donald Trump supposedly fell for hook, line, and sinker.

Coming off a defeat that cost McMahon the ECW Championship, he concocted a particularly maudlin narrative that played out on the June 11, 2007 episode of Monday Night RAW. It was supposed to be a celebration of McMahon’s storied career and an attempt to cheer up the supposedly “depressed” boss, but instead, “Vince McMahon Appreciation Night” turned into a parade of current and former stars and WWE-adjacent celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Bob Costas ripping him a new one.

Here’s the final, “explosive” scene.

WWE played the death of McMahon angle to the hilt, issuing an press release the next day insinuating that the question of whether McMahon had survived remained an open one, given that no corpse or other remains of his body had been discovered.

Anyone with a properly functioning cerebral cortex should have been able to see through this stupidly obvious work, but that didn’t stop the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Times Leader from running a now-deleted article in which they got a fireman who arrived on the scene to comment: “We’re doing our best to respect the McMahon family and the fans of WWE,” he said. “However, with that said, we have not found anything – there hasn’t been confirmation that Mr. McMahon’s body was extracted from the limo.”

According to CNBC, it was a ratings boon for the WWE, who kept the bit rolling by having a grieving Stephanie McMahon make an appearance and had a (not real) FBI Investigator poking around looking for clues as to who might have offed Vince.


Which brings us to the president-elect. In a 2008 appearance on the Opie and Anthony Show recapping Wrestlemania 24, WWE performer Triple H was asked, “How worried were you when you thought Vince McMahon was dead?”

“Oh God,” he replied. ”I was scared to death. If I hadn’t seen them pre-tape it where [McMahon] got in and out of the car.”

As Opie and Anthony burst into guffaws, Triple H went on to say that he even received calls from people expressing concern and wanting to know if they witnessed an actual mob-like hit. After noting that he might get in a tad trouble for spilling this bit of gossip, Triple H said Donald Trump got him on the blower the next day and asked, “Did something happen to Vince?”

So there you have it. The man we’ve charged with the defense of our republic thinks pro wrestling is real and can be easily duped by “the magic of television,” according to Triple H.

We have reached out to the office of the President-elect to clarify whether or not Mr. Trump knows wrestling is staged, but did not receive a response prior to publication. We will update this story if and when Mr. Trump clarifies his stance on pro wrestling being real.

Hat tip to Matt Binder for bringing this important story to our attention.