Guns In Stadiums? Sure, Why Not?

We see no issue with this wonderful idea

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Dec 12, 2016 at 12:27 PM ET

A completely ridiculous bit of legislation has popped up in Washington State that would allow fans to bring their favorite gun and/or guns into the stadium while watching their favorite teams play.

Both the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Seahawks prohibit fans from bringing a firearm to the game, because there’s no logical reason for anyone, to be packing heat in a stadium.

At CenturyLink Field, you can’t enter while toting a weapon of any kind. No guns, knives, pepper spray, brass knuckles, loose batteries, wires, or even box cutters are permitted. Selfie sticks are barred as well, because they’re annoying as hell, but some unruly, drunk yahoo could certainly decide to use it as a quarterstaff. Safeco Field doesn’t specify which weapons you can’t bring (because don’t bring any goddamn weapons to a game) but they do state that as a privately-owned facility, they have the right to establish a “weapons-free facility.”

Now, a trio of Republican state representatives from Spokane, Matt Shea, David Taylor and Bob McCaslin, want to change all that, putting forth an amendment that would keep both publicly- and privately-run stadiums from, “[prohibiting] persons with a valid concealed pistol license from carrying a concealed pistol in the facility or on the grounds of the facility.”

What if a county or city wanted to enact their own legislation overriding this terrible amendment? Nope!

A local governmental entity may not, whether by law, ordinance, regulation, rule, policy, or contractual agreement, prohibit persons with a valid concealed pistol license from carrying a concealed pistol in any stadium, convention center, arena, or similar facility, or on the grounds of any such facility.

The NFL has more than a little political clout, routinely doling out over a million dollars per year to lobby the Federal government. With a Democratic Governor and a slim majority in the state house of representatives, there’s very little chance that this passes, so it’s not likely that the NFL feels there’s a need to flex its muscles. Still, the NFL has made it perfectly clear that guns and the games don’t mix. In 2013, the league prohibited off-duty police officers from carrying firearms into any and all stadiums, despite pleas from various fraternal orders and police departments urging the league to reconsider.

According to the Washington Post, nothing’s changed. In an email, Brian McCarthy, the NFL’s vice president of communications, said. “We haven’t seen the proposed legislation but we have a policy forbidding carrying a weapon into NFL stadiums.”

Right, because out-of-control brawls occur at NFL games, fueled in no small part by the hours spent tailgating and imbibing serious amounts of alcohol.  Now add guns to the mix. More people will get shot.

As for Representative Shea, he’s got more than just guns on his agenda. The Spokesman-Review reported he’s sponsoring another bill up for consideration in the next legislative session, House Joint Memorial 4000, in which the eastern half of Washington would secede and form a brand-new state called… wait for it… “Liberty.”

Why? Because Matt Shea is sick and tired of living in a democracy. “Puget Sound rules from its iron throne or ivory tower, take your pick,” he said.