Your Sad Amazon Prime Purchases, Now Available in TwitPic!

Nov 26, 2013 at 10:41 AM ET

In this season of giving thanks, be grateful for those who practice modesty. Because if you need a painful reminder that the world is slowly crumbling to pieces, look no further than these extremely underwhelming Twitter pictures of purchases made on Amazon Prime as the online holiday shopping season kicks into high gear.

Put simply, these photos are the dregs of social media over-sharing. They are the opposite of that carefully cropped Instagrammed slice of Grandma making her pumpkin pie. They are instead the digital equivalent of talking to Uncle Ned about shopping for a new garden hose.

Below, a collection of Americans sharing their excitement over the most ordinary of items:

It’s no surprise that those tweeting out pictures of their purchases need some self-help advice:

These over-sharers may be Internet-savvy, but their hearts are with the days of yore:

And while sometimes they may find their purchases to be kinda blah:

They always find good reason to celebrate with their Amazon Prime boxes afterwards: