The 9 Most Unnecessary TV Subreddits

Dec 12, 2014 at 11:45 AM ET

For fans of some television shows, Reddit is a dream come true. Each subreddit is home to a community of like-minded, equally devoted nerds. r/ArrestedDevelopment and r/Community’s loyal subscribers (110,040 Hot Cops and 140,845 Human Beings, respectively) chummily trade inside jokes and screencaps. More than a year after the series finale aired, r/BreakingBad’s 220,840 strong are still delving into Walt and Jesse‘s psyches.

But other TV fandoms have failed—sometimes spectacularly—to gain a foothold on the site. These are their stories.

r/FearFactor, 12 readers, 11 posts

Popular post: “Donkey semen episode may be pulled” (2 years ago). “I don’t get popular culture anymore,” laments Joe Rogan acolyte slumdog-proper in the comments.

r/BradyBunch, 17 readers, 13 posts

Sidebar description: “This subreddit is dedicated to anything related to The Brady Bunch. Seriously, anything. But it has to actually be related to The Brady Bunch. Good: Maureen McCormick was on Teen Angel and they did the ‘Oh my nose!’ gag. This is related to The Brady Bunch. Bad: Maureen McCormick was on ‘Moody’s Point’ on The Amanda Show. That has nothing to do with The Brady Bunch at all.” Got that? No bullshit. This isn’t r/PartridgeFamily.

r/JudgeJudy, 707 readers, 68 posts

Popular post:My sister-in-law was on Judge Judy today, AMA” (1 month ago). That post is, by an unthinkably wide margin, the most exciting thing ever to happen to the Judge Judy subreddit.

r/Matlock, 5 readers, 4 posts

Popular post:I was on Matlock!(I’m the little kid, Mike)” (1 year ago). Sorry, guy who played Mike, but that YouTube video’s been taken down.

r/Wahlburgers, 5 readers, 5 posts

Popular post:Does anyone else think the Wahlburger’s logo looks like a scrotum?” (10 months ago). For the record, TheSportsGuy23 agrees.

r/MikeAndMolly, 15 readers, 1 post

The one and only post:Why so quiet in here?” (2 years ago). There are no comments, because of course there are no comments.

r/Go_On, 96 readers, 42 posts

Popular post:NBC cancels Go On after one season” (1 year ago). We assume Matthew Perry’s 96-member Reddit fan base formed a quirky, diverse support group to cope with their grief.

r/UpAllNight, 371 readers, 2 posts

Popular post: Anyone know anything about this dress? (2 years ago). It’s a dress Maya Rudolph’s character wore, and—spoiler—no, nobody knows anything about it.

r/WeAreMen, 1 reader, 1 post

The one and only post: “‘We Are Men’ Cancelled By CBS” (1 year ago). Yup.