Livability 2014: Night Out—Head West for Weed

Dec 09, 2014 at 9:00 AM ET

We realize you’re not just a bunch of beer-swilling potheads who like to satisfy a wicked case of the munchies with wings and cheese curds, but it’d be OK if you were. After all, no Livability Index would be complete without recognizing that most people are going to drink a little, toke a little, nosh a little—or all three—on a random Tuesday night. And it’d be helpful to know which cities have the cheapest suds, high-quality weed and most reasonably priced meals at Buffalo Wild Wings.

So look no further than our No. 1 city, Boise, Idaho, where you can get a beer for a buck—$1! Runner-up Louisville, Kentucky, also has dollar beers, but Boise’s good weed costs a paltry $267 per ounce, whereas Louisvillians have to shell out $339 for quality buds (Baltimore, Maryland, is the most expensive, at $369 an ounce).

TOP 10 CITIES FOR A NIGHT OUT: Cheap beer, weed and a dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings

  1. Boise, Idaho
  2. Louisville, Kentucky
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. Henderson, Nevada
  5. North Las Vegas, Nevada
  6. Lexington, Kentucky
  7. Fort Worth, Texas
  8. Arlington, Texas
  9. Anaheim, California
  10. Los Angeles, California

Where’s Colorado, you ask? It didn’t make our overall top 10 because beer’s not cheap there—go figure, Coors—and only Denver makes the top 10 for an inexpensive B-Dubs dinner ($18.87). However, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Denver help put the high in Mile High with a three-way tie for fourth in the weed subcategory, offering (legal) pot for an average $237 per ounce.

In fact, cities exclusively west of the Rockies round out the rest of the subcategory, with Los Angeles ($200 an ounce) and Portland ($208), Oregon, blazing the way. Seriously, it’s not a coincidence that Humboldt County sits nearly halfway between the two.

Now that you’re hungry, Buffalo Wild Wings is pretty downright affordable across the board—the top 10 is a 10-way tie—unless you’re talking about New York. Out of our 100 original cities, NYC ranks dead last in the night out category. Yes, it has good entertainment and diversity and transportation, but it is also home of the nearly $12 six-pack, the $364 ounce of high-quality weed and—wait for it—the $29.97 tab at BWW for one person. Best to stay home and order a pizza.