In Russia, You Can Now Get A Husband For An Hour

Mar 11, 2015 at 5:03 PM ET

Tired from your long day walking around in high heels? Can’t touch a drill because your nails are newly manicured? Well, ladies, you’re in luck—at least if you live in Moscow. The city’s mayor introduced a program, “Husbands For An Hour,” and it’s exactly how it sounds: A “strong young man, with a huge range of technical skills will fix your household problems in an instant.”

The site’s description page markets the intentionally sexist hourly service directly to the 20-something-female-demo:

“You spent forever at the mall choosing your new lamp fixture for your apartment’s entrance, one that fits your aesthetic perfectly. You got home, you even unboxed it, set it on the wall. You were convinced you had everything you needed. But you, a beautiful woman with a mind-blowing manicure that you got yesterday, aren’t ready for a relationship with your humming and wildly vibrating drill. Who in this case will come to your rescue?

Resolute men, husbands by the hour, rush to your house. Your happiness, after all, is their most prized reward.

However, in reality, Husbands For An Hour will mostly be helping widowers over 60. Russia has suffered a population crisis due to a decline in fertility and simultaneous increase in abortions. Between 1959 and 1990, the number of people 60 and older doubled to 16 percent of the population; by 2015 they’re projected to make up 20 percent, according to Rand, the research organization. This, combined with the fact that a quarter of all Russian men die before they reach age 55, has led to a lot of women over 60 living alone.

To its credit, the company is now offering free husbandly services to low-income people and people with physical disabilities, LifeNews reports. But for the rest of Russians, it’ll cost approximately four bucks to get a rando to hook up their DVD player.