Disneyland Is Surrounded By Clinics That Welcome Anti-Vaxxers

Feb 09, 2015 at 5:21 PM ET

Over the past couple of decades, as the population of so-called anti-vaxxers has increased, clinics have sprouted up around the country that promise to treat kids whether or not they’re vaccinated. As one website describes it, these are “doctors who want to help with the vaccine decision or support parents who want to delay or decline vaccines.” Vocativ pulled together the various lists that anti-vaxxers have circulated (from, and and mapped the combined 266 clinics.

California has more anti-vaccine friendly clinics than any other state—with about 20 percent of the total. It also tops the list in measles cases over the last couple of months, with 103 since Dec. 1. In our map above, you can see the correlation between the location of clinics friendly to anti-vaxxers and new measles cases in California. There are clusters of both around Disneyland in Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area.