The American Chemistry Council Is Pushing Plastic Clothing for the Holidays

Dec 23, 2013 at 2:10 PM ET

Still searching for that perfect last-minute gift? Why not try Bruce Willis cologne or cellulite-toning sauna pants?

Or, if you’re feeling particularly generous, how about some pants made from old PVC pipe?

Just in time for the holidays, your friends over at the American Chemistry Council have assembled a list of must-have fashions made from recycled plastic. As for what’s in vogue, according to the plastics industry trade group, think faux leather, metallics and denim, all with an “added bit of ‘green.'”

This isn’t the American Chemistry Council’s first foray into the world of eco-chic wear. It operates an entire fashion news channel on its website, called “Stylists Corner,” where it publishes fashion tips and tricks for the eco-conscious (including this time line of plastic in fashion through the decades).

“One of the most innovative ways of making fashion more sustainable is by using post-consumer plastic bottles to make fabric,” says Gretta Monahan, celebrity stylist and “self-made style maven,” in a December blog post on the council’s site.

The plastic pushers are also no strangers to social media. On Facebook, the council is currently touting a pair of 3D-printed nylon plastic wings worn by supermodel Lindsay Ellingson in this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The wings, like that little black dress made of polymers, are extremely practical for everyday wear!

Plastics, the council reminds us, played a role in clothing trends such as spandex, jeggings and go-go boots. And let’s not forget that they were at the heart of Mugatu’s Derelicte fashion line. Plastic fantastic.