By 2050, Islam Will Rival Christianity As World’s Dominant Religion

Apr 02, 2015 at 12:55 PM ET

Christianity has been the world’s most popular religion for centuries now, but by 2050 that reign will effectively be over, says a new study released by Pew. In 35 years, Islam will have roughly the same number of adherents.

In 2010, Christians made up 31.4% of the world’s population, while Islam made up only 23.2%, making it a distant second place. Over the next three decades, as the world’s population increases to 9.3 billion, the number of Muslims will increase by 73%, doubling the rate of growth for Christians, whose population is expected to rise by 35%. Come 2050, there will be roughly, 2.9 billion Christians worldwide and 2.7 billion Muslims. The latter will still make up 31.4% of the population, but the former will rise to 29.7%.

In the United States, by 2050 Judaism will cease to be country’s second-largest religion. Islam is expected to move into that position.

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