Israel Gives Germany an Accidental Hitler Stache

Feb 25, 2014 at 11:33 AM ET

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, and the two accidentally produced an early contender for 2014’s Political Photo of the Year.

The leaders were holding a press conference in Jerusalem about the current state of affairs between Israelis and Palestinians. Merkel’s visit is aimed at negotiating an agreement, with the United States’ backing, by April. But any actual news coming out of the press conference was quickly overshadowed by journalists having a field day with puns on Twitter about the unintentionally hilarious photo (even the flag placement is perfect!).

Though not everyone is taking the photo as an accidental, ironic joke.

There’s always a buzzkill somewhere in the crowd. We’re just gonna laugh at this one. But for their part, the Jerusalem Post is not running the photo caused by a lighting accident. One of their staffers tweeted the following: