Who Is Beck? Grammy Viewers Demand #JusticeForBeyoncé

Feb 09, 2015 at 4:27 AM ET

The Grammys turned back to the clock to 1994 last night with the shocking decision to award album of the year to Beck for his comeback, Morning Phase. The win for the alternative rocker, whose song “Loser” hit the charts 20 years ago, was so unexpected that Twitter erupted in outrage. Young music fans asked, “Who is Beck?” Others demanded recognition for Beyoncé using the hashtag #JusticeForBeyoncé.

When Beck went to accept his award, Kanye West pretended to storm the stage, like he did back in 2009, to demand more recognition for Beyoncé. But West backed off at the last minute with a sly grin.

#JusticeForBeyonce garnered over 12,000 tweets by 5 a.m. ET.

Beck’s fans didn’t buy many of his records (his album sold far fewer copies than the other nominees), but they still managed to subvert the “Who is Beck” question and turn it into a supportive hashtag.