This Kid’s Gay Porn Mural Is Proof* That America Is Going To Hell

Dec 01, 2014 at 12:05 PM ET

Russia’s No. 1 headline scandal these days is the apparent scourge of homosexuality—in particular gays. Harming. Kids. Russia’s so-called “gay propaganda” law is actually an amendment to a law called “On Protecting Children From Information Harmful to Their Health and Development.” The law’s objective is to prevent the gays from putting anything out into the public that would risk a child’s exposure to homosexuality. Basically, telling kids about the existence of gay culture is the devil.

The Russian media, in all its homophobic fear, got played on Friday by YouTube. Kremlin-run Channel One Russia’s Special Correspondent news program went out of its way to show the “deterioration” of Western culture. Its proof was a video showing how a set of American parents polluted their child by placing a mural of naked man penises on his bedroom wall. But the story isn’t so simple.

In its program aired Friday night, Channel One took the video from 2012 called “Drake’s 11th Birthday,” in which an American child comes home to a monster truck painted on his wall while he was out. This video is a commercial for Fathead, a company in Detroit, Michigan, that manufactures life-size vinyl wall graphics:

A month after the video’s publication, a YouTube user named shaliek spliced the video of Drake, replacing the monster truck graphic with a mural featuring some pretty explicit male nudity. And Channel One took the joke video thinking it was the real thing. Russian viewers saw Drake’s kid brain getting fried at the sight of a bunch of pastel penises slapped on the wall over his bed:

Fact-checking the video might have been useful. Here is the clip from the Russian news program (the video is 30 seconds in):

“The erosion of morals born overseas, the dissolution of marriage—Europe submissively follows in the footsteps of the U.S. Is this really what childhood should look like?” the Russian news announcer asks, as the video splice plays. The message is clear and simple: America has gays, and gays ruin children.

Really, it’s the YouTube splicers of the world who ruin children. And diplomacy, evidently.

Watch the original 90-minute news program here.