Data Mine: March 30, 2015

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Mar 30, 2015 at 8:33 AM ET

7 Trillion Whatsapp Messages

Whatsapp handled 7 trillion messages in 2014, as it rocketed past SMS messaging as the world’s favorite way to avoid phonecalls, and by extension, any real person-to-person communication with other humans. That’s 1,000 messages for every person on the planet. [The Economist]

$4.5 Billion

Drugs to combat hepatitis C cost the taxpayer a whopping $4.5 billion last year because of new, pricey medications for the condition. [Pro Publica]

$3.3 Billion Do-Over

In bankrupt Greece, they’re going back to the drawing board to figure out another way to escape the financial mire. The new plan is to raise $3.3 billion from greater privatization, higher taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, and steps to clamp down on tax evasion. [Business Insider]

3.1 Million Fewer Calories

Toying with Google employees’ available snacks resulted in the New York office eating 3.1million fewer calories in seven weeks, according to a new book. [Lazslo Bock]

502 Pakistanis Evacuated

Pakistan sent a jumbo jet into Yemen on Sunday to evacuate 502 Pakistani citizens. The country sent a naval frigate to rescue others stranded in the war-torn country. [Samaa TV]

63.5°F At Bottom Of Earth

Temperatures in Antarctica have broken records. The icy continent at the bottom of the planet recorded its highest ever temperature – 63.5°F, as scientists point to a decline in Antarctica’s massive floating ice shelves, with some shrinking by 18 percent. [The Weather Network]

51 Percent Support Nuclear Energy

We have a nuclear majority, somebody press the red button. A slim majority of Americans (51 percent) are in favor of using nuclear energy for electricity in the U.S., with 43 percent against. And yes, it’s somewhat ironic that America is falling in love with nuclear again at the same time it’s trying to prevent Iran from doing the same. [Gallup]

30 Brit Planes In War Games

Russian fly-bys near British airspace have prompted the biggest air defense exercise over British skies in thirty years. More than 30 Royal Air Force aircraft, including 20 Typhoons and Tornado fighter jets took part in the wargames. [Sunday Express]

18 Percent Of Students Are Explosive

Nearly one in five college students interviewed by scientists said they had experienced “exploding head syndrome” at least once. Their heads don’t literally explode – it’s a psychological phenomenon in which they are woken by abrupt loud noises, or even the sensation of an explosion in their head. OMG I like literally almost died, you guys. [Medical Xpress]

8 Beheaded

A new video released by ISIS on Sunday shows its fighters beheading eight men in the central Syrian province of Hama. The men, wearing orange jumpsuits, were led into a field by teenage boys. [Arab News]

5 Years For Bribes

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, already facing a six-year prison term after a corruption conviction, was found guilty on Monday in a separate case of accepting illegal payments from a U.S. businessman. It could add another five years onto his jail time.  [Haaretz]

4-Day Fight Against Chinese Hackers

Code-sharing platform Github has been battling attacks from hackers, thought to be Chinese, for four days straight. Github is an essential tool for developers who collaborate on coding, and while fighting hackers might sound like a computer game, it’s no fun for millions IT professionals who use the beleaguered platform. [Venturebeat]

1.7-Mile Smuggling Tunnel

The Egyptian military discovered the longest smuggling tunnel linking Gaza to the Sinai Peninsula since it began creating a buffer zone in Rafah last fall. The tunnel was 1.7 miles long. [Maan News]

$1 Uber Logins For Sale

Your Uber details could be for sale on the Dark Web. A seller on AlphaBay Market has posted thousands of active Uber usernames and passwords which you can buy for as little as a buck apiece. [Ars Technica]