Is Belarus’ “Sexy Traffic Cop” Calendar Too Hot for the Streets?

Jan 06, 2015 at 7:01 AM ET

Belarusian traffic police in the Grodno region have issued a new calendar for 2015 starring real policewomen. The result, as seen on the department’s VKontakte account, is light on law and order, heavy on makeup and model poses.

Not unlike, say, your average fireman calendar, this one centers on the women in uniform and their various physical assets. Whether you think it’s sexist or not—and you certainly wouldn’t be alone if you did—the photos elicited an overwhelmingly positive response from Russian and Belarusian social media users.

Translation: “Truckers will be happy!”

Translation: “Traffic police issued a calendar with its half-naked employees. Wow!”

Translation: “A calendar that stimulates our imagination. What charming employees of the traffic police!”

Translation: “Nice! The traffic police department issues a 2015 calendar featuring its employees.”

Then again, others thought the whole production was an embarrassment:

Translation: “Calendar with the traffic police’s half-naked female employees. No brains, no taste.”

Translation: “Look at the horror.”

Translation: “Desperate Belarusian female traffic police officers are photographed for a calendar in their uniforms…and out of their uniforms.”