Nashville School Admits It Rejects Kids With Gay Parents

Jan 23, 2015 at 12:26 PM ET

A private school in Nashville, Tennessee, has told a local same-sex couple that it won’t admit their children because they have gay parents. Making the school’s actions even bolder, administrators committed their decision to paper and delivered the news via a letter that explicitly outlines their reasoning.

The note points to the non-denominational Christian institution’s handbook, which states that “any lifestyle conduct which is in opposition to the mission of [redacted] or which impedes the school’s credibility with its constituency or the general public is unacceptable. One example of such lifestyle is homosexuality.”

After some light sleuthing, the school figured out that Brian Copeland and Greg Bullard—and, by extension, their kids—fall under the “unacceptable” category.

“During your phone conversation you indicated that you are the spouse of the pastor of Covenant of the Cross Church in Madison,” the letter continues. “A quick review of the Church’s website confirms that you are the spouse of Pastor Greg Bullard. With this information, we must conclude that the paragraph above as quoted from the school’s handbook applies in your situation.”

The letter arrived after Copeland called the school and disclosed that they were a “two-dad family,” and though an appointment had been scheduled, it was abruptly cancelled after higher-ups caught wind of the situation. Upset, Copeland posted the letter to Facebook, explaining he was doing so to show the discrimination still experienced by families with same-sex parents.

“It’s not about me getting my way,” he writes. “My children will not go there under this person’s administration. It’s about telling the story that there are real faces and feelings that open letters like this. We want the best for our kids, and THEY deserve to be given a chance.”