The Hottest Ebola-Proof Hazmat Suits Under $2,500

Oct 16, 2014 at 8:09 AM ET

After the death of Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan in a Dallas hospital last week and the news that two health care workers have since tested positive for the deadly virus, Americans no longer view Ebola as a distant threat. The breathless coverage of the reported U.S. cases on the 24-hour news channels hasn’t allayed any fears, either.

So what can you do to protect yourself other than, you know, not hanging out in West Africa or sharing bodily fluids with one of the few thousand people worldwide infected with Ebola?  Buy a protective suit, of course. All over the country, companies are jumping on the hot, hot Ebola trend and cashing in big by offering Americans a little slice of solace in the form of Ebola survival gear.

With major health organizations and panic-stricken individuals snapping up suits right and left, the money is just rolling in. Indeed, with the World Health Organization predicting that it will cost nearly $1 billion to end the Ebola epidemic, the fight against the virus has already made some pretty drastic impacts on companies’ stock prices. For instance, Alpha Pro Tech, a maker of protective face masks, saw its stock shoot up by 245 percent this year, and shares for hazmat suit maker Lakeland Industries were up almost 275 percent over the same period.

But enough about profits and health organizations—what about you? Well, if you do feel the need to upgrade your wardrobe with a Ebola-blocking statement piece, you’re pretty spoiled for options. There are more than 670 results for “hazmat suit Ebola” on Amazon, while the more generic “hazmat suit” search term pulls in almost 1,900 items. Price tags range from less than $15 to more than $2,000, for those willing to spend a pretty penny to keep the virus at bay. Now when you search for “hazmat suit” on Amazon, the option “hazmat suit Ebola” actually populates the search options (working on a little SEO, Amazon?).

While not all the suits qualify for Amazon Prime (translation: two-day shipping), many of the suits that do are sold out. This model by Lakeland Industries is now available only in less popular sizes such as 4X-Large, because all the other sizes are already gone. Obviously, these are the must-have items of the season. In fact, many other suits in the more accessible price ranges are also selling out in the regular sizes (see here, here and here).

Hazmat suit peddlers on eBay are taking a unique tactic on the secondary market. In what appears to be a “two birds, one stone” situation, some eBay suit purveyors are attempting to appeal to both Breaking Bad fans and Ebola worrywarts, using such language as “Hazmat Suit Costume Breaking Bad or Ebola.” In many listings it is hard to tell if the suits will actually help thwart the spread of Ebola, or if they will just make for timely costumes. Whatever the case, one thing is clear: You’re gonna look good.