Chocolate Cure For Heart Disease Is Junk Science

Chocolate. Delicious, not miraculous. — (Robert A. Di Ieso, Jr./Vocativ)
Jun 22, 2015 at 9:05 AM ET

Chocolate won’t cure heart disease. Sorry, folks, that’s junk science.

Every week, there’s at least one scientific study that the media, and all of us latch onto because it gives us hope that life will change for the better for some improbable reason. They gain traction because we want to believe, and because they make for great headlines. But for a lot of easily ignored reasons, the science rarely matches the hype.

Chocolate as a cure for heart disease is a great headline, but the study contained some very flimsy research. That didn’t stop the likes of the Washington Post and the BBC sending the story globally viral, and even the likes of Harvard Health went with a splashy, suggestive headline (even though the story itself was responsibly hedged).

Here’s why saying chocolate prevents heart disease is junk science:

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