What If Women Took Over Wikipedia For A Day

Mar 05, 2015 at 1:02 PM ET

Considering only 8.5 percent of Wikipedia contributors are women, the open-source encyclopedia’s relative lack of entries on female artists shouldn’t be all that surprising. Enter the Art+Feminism collective, who this Saturday hosts its second annual Wikipedia Edit-a-thon—a worldwide event that seeks to increase the number of entries dedicated to female artists, and encourage editorship among women.

Last year’s inaugural Edit-a-thon saw 600 participants get involved, at 31 different sites, which resulted in the creation of 100 new pages and the improvement of 90 existing ones. Organizers provide training on how to create and edit a Wikipedia entry, and also offer childcare.

Based on that success, this year’s event will take place at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, with 70 other satellite locations in art institutions and colleges as far-flung as Amsterdam, Berlin, Austin, Texas, L.A., Paris and Toronto. There will also be a Google Hangout so anyone can get involved.

“We should all chip in to make it bigger and better,” said Amy Cavender, one of the event planners. “It is my hope that specifically focusing on these areas will draw in people who might not normally feel like they can or should edit Wikipedia, or who may have a lot to say about subjects that fall under the broader topics but haven’t thought about Wikipedia as a viable forum to do so.”