Will Society Be Ready For Sex Robots?

Jul 07, 2017 at 2:27 PM ET

It’s time to have the talk about robot sex.

In the last few years, sex dolls have evolved into sex robots. They may not act fully human yet, but they’re getting smarter. Roboticists say it’s time to look at sex robots’ potential impact and start defining the policy for their use and distribution. These robots are completely customizable, allowing any dreamed-up body to become tangible in android form.

But the realism doesn’t come cheap. The price for a sex robots ranges between $5,000 and $15,000.

Some academics believe the robots could help prevent sexual violence. Others, however, think it’ll just encourage illegal behavior with violence against robots turning into violent acts against humans.

That said, can they one day replace romantic partners? Realistic sex dolls without artificial intelligence are poised to explode in popularity in China where there’s 30 million more men than women. That imbalance has helped Exdoll grow to a $3 million business. The Chinese company sells dolls between $750 and $3,400, and customers don’t just use them for sex. Some treat the replicants like a best friend by buying them clothes and tucking them into bed at night.

Still, when the lights go out, only the owner knows what will happen.