Vocativ Announces Exclusive Focus On Video

The shift was announced in an all-staff meeting.

Jun 14, 2017 at 11:26 AM ET

On Wednesday, Vocativ management sent the following staff-wide email to announce a shift in editorial focus:

Just over three years ago, Vocativ pioneered a new form of digital journalism by deploying our unique technology to tell award-winning stories across a range of formats, including on our website, social media and television. We’ve had tremendous success and our industry has taken notice.

Since then, we’ve seen a shift in digital publishing in favor of distribution on social media and other platforms, along with a dramatic increase in demand for captivating video content. Additionally, streaming services and program providers are investing billions of dollars to fulfill a market demand for original, long-form programming. For Vocativ, this is an opportunity we plan to seize.

Today, we are announcing that Vocativ will shift to an all-video format. We are tripling our investment in video and establishing a dedicated unit to create compelling video content, from mini docs to docu-series and feature-length films.

We will distribute via social channels and platforms, as well as through partnerships with television networks, OTT players and others. Our new programming and partnerships – which we will reveal in more detail in the coming weeks – will be exclusive, global and technology-driven, focusing on both historical features and current events, as well as on subject areas in which we can deploy our IoT and deep web analytics technology, such as raw, unscripted series and sports programming. We believe this focus on video will be the most important strategic shift for our business since its inception.

As you know, Vocativ is not new to video. Vocativ-branded videos are widely viewed and the work we’ve produced for MSNBC, Discovery, TLC as well as other brands has garnered awards and captivated fans. The first two seasons of “DARK NET” attracted excellent reviews and strong viewership for Showtime, and the content we’ve produced through Vocativ Films has had an incredibly positive impact on our business. This is the foundation we will build upon.

This means that we will be phasing out written stories. We want to assure you this is not a decision we made lightly given the impact it will have on the team. On behalf of our entire leadership team, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your contributions and for the dedication and distinction with which you have served our audiences.

Ben Reininga will continue to lead our editorial vision and output during this strategic transition, and Jordan, Rich and Miri will continue on in their respective roles. Our Vocativ Films team will also continue cultivating new media partnerships and projects that will further cement our role as a leader in this industry.

We remain deeply committed to the success of Vocativ and are confident that, with this strategic shift, Vocativ will grow even further as a leader in news and storytelling.

We are truly grateful for the hard work that all of our journalists, editors, videographers and publishers have contributed to Vocativ. It is through your relentless efforts to pursue the next great story that we have grown into the successful and innovative company that we are today and will be in the future.