Trump Lashes Out At Justice Department Over Travel Ban

He has now blamed everyone except himself for the disastrous rollout of his travel bans

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Jun 05, 2017 at 10:44 AM ET

President Donald Trump criticized his own Justice Department on Monday for not, in his opinion, being aggressive enough in trying to push through the courts his travel bans focused on those traveling from six Muslim-majority nations.

In the latest flurry of morning tweets, the president called the updated version, the one being sent to the Supreme Court, “watered down” and “politically correct,” while making his preference known for the “much tougher” version he first used.

The Monday statements come on the heels of Trump seemingly making a political statement on the London terror attack, and using the attack to advocate for his failed attempts at a travel ban.

On Saturday night, as reports of the attack were still coming in and very little was certain, Trump went all in on the travel ban:

He continued on Sunday morning:


On Monday, after taking some time to criticize the London mayor, the president was back to the travel ban:

Trump’s first travel ban executive order, which temporarily banned people from seven Muslim majority countries from entering America and refugees from Syria indefinitely, faced opposition in the courts. Instead of appealing to the Supreme Court, the Trump administration issued a revised version of the ban that left Iraq off the list of banned countries, allowed for visa and green card holders to enter America, and banned refugees from Syria for 120 days instead of indefinitely. It also removed the preference given to persecuted minority religions. But that, too, was blocked by the courts, which, as they did for the first travel ban, cited statements from Trump himself about banning Muslims to make the case that the ban was discriminatory.

Trump has called the second version “watered down” before, notably in a rally in Tennessee hours after a federal judge issued a temporary stay on it. Those comments are not likely to help him in the courts that have routinely used such statements as a basis for their decisions, but Trump can’t seem to stop himself from making them anyway. While the president has usually saved his ire for the courts themselves, whether it be criticizing individual judges from his Twitter perch or saying in an NBC interview that the courts’ decisions were “political,” he hasn’t gone as far as to criticize his own people who are trying to push the ban through. But now he is openly attacking them for pursuing the second ban in the Supreme Court instead of the first version.

Last week, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a stay on the second ban, and the Ninth Circuit is set to do the same shortly. It’ll be up to the Supreme Court to make the final decision on the second ban, which the Trump administration petitioned for it to do last week. If the other court decisions about the bans are any indication, the Supreme Court will rule against Trump, and his own statements could be the basis of that decision.