Myth Busting A Big Taboo On Dating Apps: Texting Twice

It doesn’t always come across as desperate, according to Hinge data

Don't text twice, it's alright — Alamy
Jun 02, 2017 at 9:15 AM ET

Double texting is usually one of those big no-no’s when it comes to communicating with matches on dating sites. But new data from the app Hinge indicates to go ahead — send that follow-up text.

Sending a second message minutes or hours after the first because the recipient didn’t reply usually comes across as desperate. But Hinge’s data shows that if the second text message is sent within three hours and 52 minutes after the first text message, the recipient is more likely to reply.

The discovery was made after data scientists analyzed 300,000 conversations over a two week-period. The conversations all included two initial messages sent at separate times. Although Hinge suggests sending the follow up text three to four hours after the first, data shows that second messages sent even a week after the first still got a good amount of responses — about one in three cases. That’s way more than the one in 500 who get a response after only sending one message.

Sending a second text message makes a lot of sense, especially because it brings the sender to the top of the recipients list. However, if the sender keeps getting radio silence, then it’s time to take a hint and move on. Otherwise the sender not only comes across desperate, but also a bit crazy.

It’s unlikely the finding is exclusive to Hinge. Most dating apps are pretty much the same, despite how hard they try to be different in their branding. So next time you’re swiping and matching on dating sites, ignore your friends when they say you’ll look desperate or that it’s the other person’s “turn.” After all, you never know if you’ll get a reply from your soul mate.

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