‘Smart’ Tombstones Will Keep You Hooked Up To Internet Even In Death

Our digital addiction can now haunt us from beyond the grave

Photo Illustration: Diana Quach
Apr 07, 2017 at 4:41 PM ET

You’d think that once you die you could finally escape this world in which everything is connected to the Internet, but a Slovenian company wants to make sure you remain hooked up to the grid even when you’re lying motionless in your grave.

Bioenergija claims to be reinventing the tombstone with 48-inch interactive screens that show pictures, videos, and other digital content when your loved ones arrive.

“This tombstone makes it possible to put anything next to the deceased person’s name and surname, you can write an entire novel if you like,” Saso Radovanovic, head of Bioenergija, told Reuters. “The tombstone has a sensor so that when nobody is around it only shows the person’s name and the years of their birth and death … this saves energy and the screen itself, and helps extend the tombstone’s lifetime.”

Bioenergija says it is currently working with a professor of computing at the University of Maribor to develop an app that’ll increase the tombstone’s interactivity. The app will allow visitors to listen to videos and music that’s displayed on the tombstone by connecting their headphones to the smartphone.

The first digital tombstone prototype has already been set up in the Pobrezje cemetery in Maribor, Slovenia. Bioenergija claims these $3,000 displays will be weather and vandal proof, but just like burying someone 6-feet-under didn’t stop grave robbers, these will surely be tampered with by hackers or maybe IRL vandals.