Forget Swiping, Now You Can Drag Your Way To Love On Tinder

Tinder is now on desktop, a way to help it reach users in emerging markets

Mar 28, 2017 at 1:14 PM ET

Swiping your way to your soul mate — or a temporary fling — is no longer exclusive to smartphones, you can now do it online. Tinder is launching a web version of its dating service where users can find for matches with a computer mouse.

The web version was partly conceived for users in developing markets who don’t have much memory space on their smartphones. However, Tinder for desktop is also great for those who want to be less conspicuous when swiping — well, more like dragging. For example, you can now drag prospective match’s cards during work hours and people would think you’re working. Students can also take advantage of this in class.

“Let’s face it: not all places on earth have 4G. Some people can’t get bundled services, while others don’t have enough memory to support Tinder on their mobile phones,” Tinder wrote in its company blog. “For all those who’ve ever been stuck in a lecture hall or had to endure an eight-hour workday without access to Tinder—this is for you.”

Logging into Tinder online will be just like logging into the app, which requires to login through Facebook. The interface will also be similar, expect chatting will me much easier since people type faster with a keyboard.

Tinder’s desktop version will slowly roll out in the U.S. and is also being tested in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines and Sweden. Tinder is also trying to test the ability to log into the service via SMS in certain markets. Seeing how many countries Tinder is testing this feature in probably means that the company is getting ready to expand globally once more.