Adult Site Launches ‘iTunes Of Oral Sex’ — For Women

CamSoda celebrates Women's History Month with on-demand digital cunnilingus that involves licking your iPhone

Photo Illustration R. A. Di Ieso
Mar 09, 2017 at 11:45 AM ET

There is many a meaningful way to celebrate Women’s History Month — say, donating to a feminist organization or marching for women’s rights. But adult cam site CamSoda has something else in mind: providing the women of the world with free cunnilingus. Well, more accurately, free, digitally simulated cunnilingus that isn’t really anything at all like cunnilingus — but, thanks, I guess!

Today, the site launched O-cast, a page filled with simulated recordings of oral that can only be experienced through a $100 Lovense Bluetooth egg vibrator. This library of lady blowies is created by porn stars, cam performers and amateurs who use CamSoda’s O-cast app to record a simulation of oral by licking their smartphone screen. They can use their tongue — or just a finger, because good lord that is disgusting — to adjust the amount and duration of vibration that will be experienced through the vibrator.

This odd project is a followup to CamSoda’s Blowcast, a marketplace for virtual blow jobs that are recorded on a smart vibrator and experience through a masturbatory sleeve known as the Kiiroo Onyx. Much more of a direct, one-to-one correlation there, I would say. But as CamSoda vice president Darren Press said in a press release, the company “wanted to extend our offering to women in commemoration of Women’s History Month.” As such, these simulated oral sex snippets will be free for the rest of the month — but then women will have to start paying .99 cents a piece.

That’s 1 cent less than CamSoda’s “blowcasts” — might I instead propose 79 cents on men’s dollar?