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Ford’s Car Camera Wants To Take The Perfect Instagram Of Your Drive

A patent describes a system that's a smarter GoPro for your car

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Photo: Ford
Jan 18, 2017 at 4:19 PM ET

Ford may be trying to make vehicle point-of-view videos the next cool thing to share on social media. Patent Yogi recently stumbled upon a Ford patent that illustrates the idea of a camera system that’s mounted on top of a vehicle and captures videos or photos of trips.

“For example, individuals may record the view out the front windshield of a car while driving along a scenic road,” read the patent. “Others may record a view while racing their car or motorcycle during a race or other performance event.”

Ford seems to have come up with this idea as a response to people attempting to mount their smartphones or standard cameras on the roof of the car in order to post a “cool” shot of their road trip online. However, that only endangers the drivers because those systems fall off or distract drivers when they’re trying to manually adjust them.

The camera system would have a mind of its own. It would act like its own director, in a sense, by using speed, trajectory, and other data to determine how to position the itself in order to get the best shots of your drive. Therefore, the camera system would move with the car and be different from action cameras like GoPro, which record only what’s directly in front of them.

Fords patent might never get developed. Companies always file technology patents and only a small percentage of them actually get turned into a functioning product. However, it’s interesting to see that a car company wants to create a camera system for social media purposes. The patent also brings up the concern of everything in our lives being connected to the internet and watching us, which is another nightmare all its own.