An App To Find Lost AirPods Yanked From Apple Store

There's not an app for that (anymore)

Jan 10, 2017 at 2:57 PM ET

There’s been a lot of discussion as to one obvious shortcoming of the AirPods, the wireless headphones made mandatory with the release of the iPhone 7, which has no headphone jack. Without a cord, the tiny buds are easy to misplace.

One developer decided to address the problem with an app to help those who lost their 1.6-inch AirPods, so owners can avoid paying $70 for each AirPod replacement. “Finder for AirPods” was developed, approved by Apple, made available for purchase, and met with excitement by potential users. And then it was quietly removed from the App Store.

The $3.99 app was capable of giving users an approximation of how close they were to their missing AirPods, using Bluetooth signals to say whether users were getting closer or further away. While this wouldn’t at large distances or when the pods were out of charge, it was still better than nothing.

According to MacRumors, which first reported on the app’s disappearance after reviewing it three days earlier, its unstable signal at the very least could help users through the process of elimination. Basically, Finder for Air App helped fulfill a request people have been making since the product was first released.

The case of the vanishing app is a mystery harder to solve than where your elusive AirPods disappeared to in the first place. According to a Reddit post from the app’s creator, “[Apple] didn’t find anything wrong with the app itself but they didn’t like the ‘concept’ of people finding their AirPods and hence [the app] was deemed ‘not appropriate for the App Store.'” Apple has yet to respond to Vocativ’s inquiry into why it chose to make the app unavailable, though wishful AirPod users hope it signals the intention of Apple to create its own version (Apple does have a Find My iPhone support feature). It’s either that, or the more cynical speculation that they’re banking on revenue from replacement AirPods as a feature, not a bug.