Trump Puts Off Announcement On How He’ll Leave His Business

President-elect claims he'll let his adult sons manage it while he runs the country but offers no proof that this will actually happen.

Donald Trump at one of his Thank You tour stops. He has time for those! — AFP/Getty Images
Dec 13, 2016 at 12:02 PM ET

President-elect Donald Trump said at the end of November that he would hold a press conference — which would be his first since he was elected president (and his first since July, when he asked Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails) — on December 15, where he would detail how he will be removing himself from his many businesses when he becomes president. But, as that day of reckoning approaches, Trump has changed his mind.

As rumors circulated on Monday night that Trump was putting the press conference off until January, he devoted three tweets (with typos) to what is a complex issue of huge international importance.

Oh. December 15 has been changed to “in the near future,” which may well be a date after he is inaugurated. Or in three years. Or never. As usual, Trump offered few details on how he’ll avoid the massive conflicts of interest that await him when he is president or how he’ll really be able to extricate himself from the complex web of shell companies and trusts that help conceal his assets. The “blind trust” he once promised would manage his business while he was president is actually his own family and unnamed “executives,” which is not a blind trust at all. And, as he has frequently reminded us, he believes he is under no legal obligation to do any of this in the first place.

Notably, Trump only claimed that his adult sons would head up his businesses. That leaves Tiffany out in the cold (as usual), while it may point to Ivanka playing a larger role in his presidency, something that her rumored move to Washington D.C. already indicated.

Trump’s claim that “no new deals will be done during my term(s) in office” appears to be the only thing he is planning on doing (or at least, saying he will do) to avoid conflicts of interest, but it doesn’t change the existing debts his companies owe to international banks nor does it change the fact that diplomats and other people looking to ingratiate themselves with the future president are booking rooms and holding events in his new D.C. hotel, which presumably pads Trump’s wallet.

Finally, despite Trump’s “busy times!” comment, which made it sound like he just had too much to do to hold a press conference, he was able to squeeze a few moments into his schedule to say hello to Kanye West. In front of plenty of cameras, of course.