Conservative Student Group Launches ‘Leftist’ Professor Watchlist

Their mission is to expose "anti-American" values and leftist propaganda in the classroom

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Nov 22, 2016 at 4:45 PM ET

A new website, Professor Watchlist, launched this week with the mission to “expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students, promote anti-American values, and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

The site was created by Turning Point USA, an Illinois-based non-profit founded by 23-year-old Charlie Kirk. Its mission is to educate “students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government,” and it claims to have hundreds of chapters located across all 50 states.

“We’re a conservative non-profit group and we’ve heard plenty of stories of liberal bias in the classroom, and we’ve also been following this on the news all the time, so the main goal was the aggregate all this information into an easy to search list,” Matt Lamb, 23, the Director of Constitutional Enforcement and Transparency at Turning Point USA told Vocativ. The main benefit, Lamb says, is to help conservative students heading off to college or picking classes.


Users on social media has responded by flooding the websites form with fake submissions and the hashtag #trollprofwatchlist with entires like Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter and Donald Trump from Trump University. There’ve been so many entries they’ve caused the website to temporarily crash. The submission form to add new professors is at capacity.

“It’s no secret that some of America’s college professors are totally out of line,” Kirk wrote in an statement on Monday. “Everyday I hear stories about professors who attack and target conservatives, promote liberal propaganda, and use their position of power to advance liberal agendas in their classroom. Turning Point USA is saying enough is enough. It’s time we expose these professors.”

“It was compiled by going to websites which are known for covering campus news, whether that’s the College Fix, Campus Reform. Many websites like Huffington Post, Fox News, have campus news as well,” Lamb said adding that the decision to include a professor “has to be documented by a news source.” Professor Watchlist has referenced a large number of these claims from, a project of the Leadership Institute based in Arlington Virginia, whose mission is “training conservative activists, students, and leaders since 1979.”