Melania Trump Is No Longer Claiming She Has A College Degree

Future first lady used to say she "obtained" a degree, but no proof of this has ever been found

AFP/Getty Images
Nov 17, 2016 at 12:26 PM ET

Melania Trump is no longer claiming she has a college degree.

The soon-to-be first lady’s biography on her husband’s website mentions that she grew up in Slovenia, the daughter of a car dealer and children’s clothing designer. She “pursue[d] a degree at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia,” the bio continues, “but paused her studies to advance her modeling career.”

This would indicate that Trump never earned said degree, though that is not explicitly stated. This wouldn’t matter — there are plenty of smart and accomplished people in the world who never went to college at all, let alone earned a degree — except for the fact that she used to say she “obtain[ed] a degree in design and architecture at University in Slovenia” on her own website. When news outlets began to question this claim last summer, the site was deleted. Trump tweeted that she did this “because it does not accurately reflect my current business and professional interests.” (She also said that “the website in question was created in 2012,” but the Wayback Archive shows that was been alive and well — and making that degree claim —in March 2006.)

NBC News was able to track down Blaz Matija Vogelnik, who claimed to be one of Trump’s professors at the University of Ljubljana. He said that she didn’t finish her degree at that school but he thought “her IQ was very high.”

Also, this: “She was very beautiful girl … I believe that she realized that she could gain more with that, than to have long studies,” Vogelnik said, sending a great message out to young women everywhere that if they are smart and work hard, they can probably get further in life if they give up boring school and pursue a modeling career.

In addition to writing around whether or not she has a degree, Trump’s new biography lists some of the magazine covers, commercials, and “popular television shows” (yes, her husband’s reality show is included here) she has appeared on, claims that she is fluent in five languages, and mentions her eponymous jewelry line.