Lots Of Arrested Trump Protesters Didn’t Bother To Vote

A local TV station looked at the voting records of people arrested in Portland's anti-Trump protests

Did he vote? An anti-Trump demonstrator in Portland, Oregon — REUTERS
Nov 15, 2016 at 11:56 AM ET

Portland, Oregon assumed center stage in the wave of protests that are sweeping the country following the election of Donald Trump. But a majority of those arrested during the days in which the city’s demonstrators have shuttered highways, damaged property, and clashed with police didn’t vote in the state on election day, according to an analysis by a local television station.

NBC news affiliate KGW compiled a list of 112 anti-Trump protesters arrested by the Portland Police Bureau and found that at least 69 of them — or just over 60 percent — didn’t cast a ballot or were not registered to vote in Oregon. At least 25 of the demonstrators taken into custody did vote. The news station could not immediately verify the voting records of the remaining 17 protestors. For its analysis, KGW compared the names and ages provided on arrest records to state voter rolls.

The analysis did not look at other states — so it’s possible that a number of those arrested were, in fact, voters, who voted in their home states. But, given that we live in a country where just over half of the eligible population votes, it’s safe to assume that a number of those out protesting just stayed home.

The findings bolstered legions of conservatives and Trump supporters online, many of whom assert that the anti-Trump protests — which have occurred in dozens of cities around the country, including New York, Louisville, and Dallas — are the work of paid professional agitators and disgruntled millennials.

Protestors have held rallies and marches every day in Portland since the Trump’s upset election victory. Thousands of people have participated in the demonstrations, which, with few exceptions, have been disruptive but peaceful. On Monday, hundreds of students walked out of school and took to the streets.